Move Image Location Cannot Mount SMB

  • since moving image location and disabling the old share I can no longer upload an Image. Says cannot mount smb share.
    I can access the share by using the local default user cd_share_ro and cd_share_rw without issue.

    if i enable the old share, even with the distribution point changed, the client still connects to the old share?

  • How many distribution points do you have setup?

  • 1

  • It's not possible to connect to share that isn't defined in the distribution point. You updated the share path in the distribution point?

  • i updated the path and i just updated the share name which i missed, now it works. I had to disable cd_share in computer management view. There's duplicate shares for the same default path c:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\cd_dp. When you go to the properties of cd_dp you only see the sharename "cd_dp" but in computer management view there was another one called "cd_share" which matched the name in distribution points.

    working now.