Image uploading problem

  • HI Guys,

    I have created a new clonedeploy server running linux

    I have an issue where I will create a winpe image on the webUI of the server. Then when I boot from USB on the client machine to upload an image to the recently created image there are no existing files. Then when I try and upload an image selecting new when booting from USB it creates the file in a linux environment.

    Secondly, I have used clonedeploy before where when booting from a USB there was a nice friendly windows CMD interface. however, when I have created my bootable USB I format as shown in image.

  • building a usb from the web interface only builds one for linux. You need to follow these instructions to build WinPE.

    second, after you login you will get a simple gui where you can use your arrow keys, CloneDeploy has always been that way