Kernel download in a secured network infrastructure

  • hi !
    I'm trying to get the last kernel using the "kernel download" feature andit times out with the error :
    "Could Not Get Online Kernel List. Internet Access Is Required."
    The log files shows :
    "2018-12-14 09:44:21,489 [Threadpool worker] ERROR CloneDeploy_Services.OnlineKernelServices The request timed out"

    in our network infrastructure, the clonedeploy server can't reach the internet without using a proxy, proxy wich is correctly described in env. variables ( http_proxy / https_proxy , etc... )

    is there a way to configure a http proxy in clonedeploy ?

    many thanks !

  • The kernel download is broken, it broke awhile ago when sourceforge changed something. You can get the kernels here and manually add them to the kernels directory.