Deployed my first Image - Boot loop

  • Hi All

    I deployed my first image. The computer clone was a virtual machine on vsphere which I maintain and deployed with MDT. We have to update our Domain Controller for UEFI but that is another story.

    I managed to clone the computer using the instructions provided and it deploy it to a Dell laptop in under 5 minutes. So now I get a boot loop when windows is about to load a few seconds in. I have tried changing the SATA from RAID to AHCI Thinking it was that but it remains in the loop.

    Is this a driver issue or is there something I missed?

  • are both machines efi or bios, they need to match

  • Hi

    Yes they usually would be deployed to older laptops and towers that had legacy of legacy enabled. I'll do some more testing on different hardware. The laptop was a Dell Latitude E6230.

  • can you post your upload and deploy logs