Winpe build issue

  • I followed the procedure to build winpe imaging environment. When I change the PXE mode to winpe_efi64 i get cannot copy binaries error.

    log shows this:
    2018-12-27 10:01:34,973 [58] ERROR CloneDeploy_Services.Workflows.CopyPxeBinaries Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\tftpboot\static\winpe\winpe_efi_64\bootmgfw.efi'.

    I don't have the static folder in the PE builder Builds folder let alone the winpe subfolder.

  • ran adksetup again making sure deployment tools was selected this time. Must have not been as there were errors in the building of the PE image.

  • booted reference PC with WinPE environment and have a new issue...
    no available network drivers
    why is this so difficult for me?

  • if i select the option to display ALL NICs I see the NIC with an IP address assigned, i select assign static to give it the same address, then it shows:
    Failed to configure the DHCP service.The interface may be disconnected.
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    The service has not been started.

    Then it goes to CloneDeploy Login to continue or close window to cancel
    Logged in
    downloading core scripts success
    Looking for Active Task for .3RSH.... this computer was not found
    Looking for Active Task for MACAddress... This computer was not found
    **Looking for Active Task for ** This computer was not found
    Looking for Active task for MACAddress..
    this computer is not registered
    ** MAC address...

    Client ID....
    Enter a computer name to register. Leave blank to skip registration
    Computer Name: [entered a computer name]
    No Active Web tasks were found for this computer. Starting on demand imaging.
    Select A task:

    1. deploy
    2. upload
    3. multicast
      Your choice: [upload]
      New or existing image?
    4. New
    5. Existing
      Your choice: [New]
      Enter an image name: [entered an image name]
      An error has occurred No image was selected or no images have been added yet
      ** Rebooting in one minute**

    I deleted the task, image, then computer in CD and started over...

    1. In CD, created image, environment WinPE
    2. booted reference PC; PXE IPv4
    3. same issue with IP/NIC/Static blah blah blah
    4. created computer at the reference PC
    5. jumped over to CD and assigned image to PC and started computer task
    6. back to reference PC, selected upload, existing image, selected the image shown
    7. image upload process starts and PC reboots when completed.

    How can we fix the IP step? The NIC is getting an IP but hangs at that step until i continue with "static" option.