Deploy over the Internet

  • Deploy over the Internet.

    Firstly I apologise if this post wastes anyone's time and is elsewhere in the forum. also not an export in this area so excuse any technology mistakes.

    I'm investigating an idea to deploy OS's directly over the internet via pxe/ipxe or other you may recommend. From my brief review of this project it may be able to do it. So would appreciate any advice.

    Some guidelines I would like to follow

    • NO VPN's, boot prebuild area directly from Internet
    • Simple OS choice from a pxe menu
    • Username/Password protected to deploy image
    • Base don username/password you will get your specific images/builds
    • Option to have local builds referenced as well as internet builds.

    Again I apologise if this is wasting anyones time.

  • It's possible, but not recommended. You would need to open SMB and TFTP in your public facing firewall, and that's probably asking for trouble.