Docker in QNAP NAS

  • Hi, I was suggested to create a new topic for visibility.

    I just installed the docker into my Qnap container station but now I am completely stuck cause I don't know how to proceed?
    Here and image of the exact point I am:

    Thank you very much.

  • I don't have much Docker experience and have never used QNAP, so I don't think I can be of much help. Did you create the container with macvlan networking? That is the only supported way, then you just access the CloneDeploy UI in a web browser from the ip address of the container.

  • Ok, I made the clonedeploy docker work in a QNAP NAS:

    1. I set the network type of the container to Bridge:
    2. As soon as it finished installing, I was able to enter into the clonedeploy web interface and set the new passwords:
    3. Now I installed the proxydhcp docker with some settings before installing like NEXT_SERVER, SERVER_IDENTIFIER_OVERRIDE and CLONEDEPLOY_BASE_URL:

    I'm stuck here because it seems to be listening but no pxe is found when I try to boot from one computer into the same network.

    Any clue? Something that I can be missing?