Automate Image deployment

  • I am getting an error on trying to boot from PXE when I change security settings

    I wanted to bypass the password prompt while deploying image via PXE. So I went to Admin and security settings and changed the settings as attached.

    Afterwards I get the error.

    ** Downloading Core Scripts **
    ........... Could not Download scripts
    ........... Response Code: 302

  • From your pic it looks like the Universal token field is empty, is it really empty or just for the pic. Make sure you generate the token, then create the boot menu's when prompted

  • Great it worked....You are the Man

    Another quick question............

    Does Clonedeploy support wakeonlan feature? It would be great if it we could automate everything.

  • WOL is already implemented. It only works in the same subnet as your clonedeploy server, but your not the first to say it's not working. I'll look into it.

  • [quote=472:@jithinpsk]Great it worked....You are the Man[/quote]

    Can you state what exactly worked?

    I was not able to understand where exactly I should put the generated Universal token and where and when I am supposed to be prompted to create the boot menu's.

    Also in the security settings what are the settings I need to turn off and what I can leave on?

    [b]Edit:[/b] The answer for that can be found here: