CloneDeploy Status Update

  • Hello everyone,

    It's been a long time since any CloneDeploy updates have been released, but it's with good reason. I've spent the last year creating a startup company - Magaeric Solutions - and creating a new product - The Open Endpoint Manager. As the name implies, it's a solution for managing PC's after they have been imaged, or even if they weren't. It provides software deployment, inventory, power management, asset management, printer management, update management, application and user tracking, and more. It's along the lines of products such as SCCM, Kace, PDQ and others, but better and easier, my opinion of course. If you are looking for a solution like this, please consider checking it out at

    With today being the official release of Theopenem, I wanted to provide an offer for my CloneDeploy supporters. I'm providing the software and 1 year of support for free to anyone that has donated any amount to CloneDeploy prior to February 1st 2019. Yes, that means this software is not free, but I promise you, nothing else provides the feature set that Theopenem does for only $100. For details on how to receive Theopenem for free see the Release Notes for Theopenem.

    As the future of CloneDeploy, now that Theopenem is finished, I plan on immediately starting work on the next release. With the financial support I receive from Theopenem, that will only mean better things for CloneDeploy. Here's looking to a great year. Thanks.


  • Hi,
    Good luck with the new product. If it's anything like clone deploy it will be amazing. Wishing you great success. BTW I donated in the past but I don't recall if I donated to crucible or to CloneDeploy. Do donations to Crucible count?

    Edit: I see that the server requiredments are Windows only. Are there plans to extend this to Linux? One of the things I love about Clonedeploy is the capabability to run it on Linux.

  • Thanks. Yes Crucible counts as well if you are interested. I don't have any plans to add Linux at this time, mainly because I'm offering paid support plans and it's difficult to maintain. Mono is not always the most reliable so I'm hesitant for that reason. If you want to use it with Windows have at it, if not that's fine, I'll let you know if it's ever available for Linux.

  • Are you planning on integrating the features of CloneDeploy into Theopenem?

  • Currently I don't have any plans to merge the two, but can't rule out anything in the future. Not sure what the future holds. The idea of monolithic imaging is quickly becoming a thing of the past, perhaps I may come up with something entirely new.

  • @clonedeploy_admin said in CloneDeploy Status Update:

    The idea of monolithic imaging is quickly becoming a thing of the past,

    Why do you think this is? Cloning still seems like the optimal solution for rapid deployment of workstations (especially with multitasking).

  • I agree with you and personally like the traditional imaging process, but things are moving in a different direction. Apple has basically already done this, that's one of the reasons I'm removing apple support in the next release of CloneDeploy. Windows is following close behind. The modern approach is to use Azure AD with some type of MDM. That way a user can turn on a new pc with the stock Windows 10 and join the domain from anywhere and then have the MDM push out all the policies and software apps.

    Like I said, I'm not a fan of this approach, I'll try to keep CloneDeploy around for the "old school" folks as long as possible.

  • Slightly off topic: You mentioned "donations" in your post but I haven't been able to find a donation link anywhere? I've only just discovered CloneDeploy and it is incredibly useful. I would love to compensate you for your hard work.

  • Thanks for your support but it's not necessary. I have removed the donation page for CloneDeploy as I move forward with Theopenem. I feel that donations provide an unnecessary obligation on both parties. CloneDeploy is free and open source, it's users should not feel pressure to paying for something that has no guaranteed support. If anyone is still looking to donate in some manner, the best thing for me is advertising. Any blogs, forums, videos, etc where CloneDeploy or Theopenem can be mentioned is greatly appreciated. Perhaps I'll update my donation page to something along those lines. To anyone still reading, I expect CloneDeploy 1.4.0 within the next 2 weeks.

    Thanks again.