Proxy DHCP server issues

  • Hello all,

    I am new to Clonedeploy and I am having trouble setting up the proxy dhcp server, I do not have much experience in PXE boot, but I have followed the instructions to the letter.
    Here is what is going on:
    I have set up the DHCP server with the included program
    I have set the options as the instructions requested within the DHCP server program
    whenever I try to install the cd_proxyd.exe file (trough installutil.exe and a batch file I created), I get an error saying that the service already exists, however I can't run it in console mode like in this video:

    basically, whenever I boot my client (test box), it will NOT PXE boot, it just loads straight to windows 10 and I think that the problem is proxy dhcp not being used correctly y me.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • First, the dhcp server cannot have options set or else proxy won't work.
    Second, is the service installed and running, it is listed in services.msc as cd_proxy or proxyd I think, been awhile.

  • So, here is what i did to install the service :

    I created a batch file and ran as admin. The batch file just used installutil.exe from >NET Framework 4.0+ (I can't recall the exact version right now, I am away from that machine). When installing the error I get is that the service is already installed, but I do not see it running. Do you recommend any way of installing the service apart from what I have tried?

    AS far as options set on the DHCP server, would you mind being more specific? I can tell you that the options that I have "set" are the recommended ones in the Windows auto install tutorial guide on the webpage. (scope, pxe boot file name, server IP, and the basic options described in that document)

    thank you!

  • The installer is already built in.

    cd_proxyd.exe --install

  • @clonedeploy_admin

    I got proxy installed and a service now, thank you.

    Can you clarify on what you meant when you said the dhcp.server cant have any options set? I am usung the tftpd32 program that comes with the install

  • it's just the boot file, remove the pxeboot.0 from the dhcp options, the proxy cannot function if that value is set.