Installation_Step 2 [Solved]

  • Hello

    Clonedeploy is up and running, thanks to the excellent setup instructions. Now I'm at step 2, choosing how to boot the computers.

    There is an existing Linux DHCP server but is managed by someone else. After reading about "PXE boot" and "tftp server" I think all I need to ask him to add is:

    subnet netmask;
    option bootfile-name "pxelinux.0";
    next-server "";

    Before I go and ask him to make changes to dhcpd.conf , can someone please let me know whether the above lines are sufficient for PXE Boot to work (in theory).

    Many thanks

  • Yes, that looks correct if you are adding a new scope for the network, if adding to an existing scope you would just add the bootfile-name and next-server

  • @clonedeploy_admin

    Thank you admin