Building installation package

  • Hi there! First, thanks a lot for this amazing powerful provisioning tool called CloneDeploy. We made fork from your code and change some api calls and import flow. We used Windows as Dev Environment. I've got one question. Is there any script or config to build Linux package or you made it by your hands? The problem is:

    1. We changed some methods of import (add some validations of ip address to CustomAttribute1 and change import file formatting (we use TAB symbol as field separator))
    2. It works fine on Windows after building
    3. I've made Linux package by hands (CloneDeploy-Web as frontend folder and CloneDeploy-App as api folder). P.S. i didn't copy any files from any other directories in source repo
    4. On Linux I've got 500 Response. Logs attachedapp_exception_page_text.log api_log_part.log fe_log_part.log

  • There is no extra scripts or anything for use on Linux. I build on Windows and just copy the compiled binaries. If there is some place you have published the diff i can take a look.

  • Could you get me some info about from where i must copy the files. There're 7 folders (for each service) in source code. I've made a package only from App and Web folders (i copied files like in your installation package).
    Must i copy built files from other folders (e.g. CloneDeploy-{ApiCalls,DataModel,Entities,Services,Helpers,}/**/*.dll}?
    You can take a look at my install package here:
    Fork from your code here:

  • You shouldn't need to copy those. I don't immediately see anything that should be causing this, but Mono sometimes behaves strangely. I don't think it matters, but I typically publish the Application and Frontend, instead of just building them.

  • @clonedeploy_admin
    Thanks a lot for the info. I'm not familar with .Net stack, so i didn't know about publishing in visual studio. I'll try to publish it instead of building. Have a good day!