Booting from ISO fails

  • When I boot from ISO I get the Boot Menu and 3 options all but CloneDeploy option works. I receive an error "Failed no file or directory found" When looking at the ISO content I see everything there.

    Is there a part of the ISO creation I am missing or needing to modify before creating?

    Essentially I am following the new setup guide step by step and am trying to create an Ubuntu image.

    iso image
    kernal 4.20.10x64
    boot image initrd.xz

  • Sorry about that, looks like something got messed up there. It's been fixed. Download and put it in /var/www/html/clonedeploy/api/bin overwriting the old file. Restart apache and recreate the iso.

  • That fixed it!
    Most excellent response time for resolution.

    Thank you.