After Update to 1.4.0, i can´t connect all the clinets with the Server

  • Hi,
    i have done the Update to the Version 1.4.0 and after that any Clinet can´t connect to the Server.
    My Boot Enviroment is WinPE and i have done the update after the documentation and the Trobleshooting document for SMB Problems. All is fine, but when i Boot with my Enviroment, i can log in wiht an administrator and can selcet:
    New Image Name (yes he is created on the Server Share and WEB GUI)
    The Skript is starting
    ** Mounting SMB Sahre **
    ...... Connecting To Local_Default
    and that´s it.
    Nothing more, no LOG an the Server etc.
    I need help.


  • From your other post, I see you found the SMB guide, did all of those tests pass?

  • @clonedeploy_admin
    i have done all the Steps of this SMB Document, but the test are done after the SMB Fix.
    I am a little confused, the SMB Guide applies only to the versions before 1.4?
    One can simply take the directories as with 32bit servers, right?
    What about PE Builder 1.2.0, are the wrong directories used here, so that the WinPE images are no longer working?