Unable to netboot WinPE

  • I had a former co-worker that had set up their own CloneDeploy server instead of using the main one that we had running. He had his set to netboot and image using the WinPE environment, where our main CloneDeploy server is set to use the Linux environment.

    In trying to set up new computers to expand a computer lab in his building, we found that the netbooting wasn't working on his server. I've rebuilt the WinPE environment a number of times, tried adding drivers to the appropriate folder before building it, and just can't seem to get it to netboot. We get the attached error messages.



    The images on his server are in ISO format. If I'm missing an important step in utilizing the WinPE environment - I followed the steps listed on the Using the WinPE Imaging Environment page under Documentation. If we can get the images deployed once, we can then switch them over to the main CloneDeploy server and upload them there, and all will be grand.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  • Looks like a legacy bios system, but it's receiving and efi based netboot loader. What's your pxe mode set to?

  • It's set to winpe_efi64. I'll try switching it over to winpe_bios64 and see what happens.

  • It was just that simple! Thanks a ton!