1.4 much slower to upload

  • CD 1.4 on Windows Server 2019 in VMWare. I upgraded 1.3 to 1.4, everything was working before except the CRC errors restoring hence the upgrade, afterwards I noticed that with 1.4, my speed went from 7GB/min down to 1.7GB/min on the same systems, wow. I looked on the server and the traffic comes in short bursts up to 900 but just for a few seconds, where on 1.3 it was a steady stream of 900Mbps or so.

    I was using the 5.0 Kernel, so I tried the older 4.20, 4.18 just to check that out, no difference.

    Any other ideas?

  • The default compression was changed to gzip which significantly changes the upload speed, but it's more reliable. The previous lz4 option is still available.

  • Thanks for the answer, very interesting. Guess I will stick with the gzip method for now, an image does me no good if it's corrupt 😃

    Hopefully the lz4 issue can be sorted out, the fast upload speed was amazing.

  • CloneDeploy 1.4.0 updated lz4 to a much newer version, it's possible this fixed this issue, but I'm not sure because personally I have never had an issue with lz4, I'm not sure why some people do.