Cannot PXE boot using Proxy DHCP

  • Hello, I'm not sure if I'm just not understanding the documentation for Clone Deploy or it's lacking, but I cannot get any PC to PXE boot while using Proxy DHCP.

    This is a company so we have a DHCP running on Windows Server but Clone Deploy is not installed on that DHCP server. I have Clone Deploy installed on a spare PC with DHCP Proxy running. I ran the proxy DHCP server using "cd_proxyd.exe --debug". I can see DHCPINFORM requests hitting the DHCP Proxy server but whenever I boot a PC from its NIC and attempt to PXE boot, I just get the "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable" error.

    I've set the "Using Proxy DHCP" setting in the PXE menu in settings to "Yes".

    Any advice?

  • @bumzag said in Cannot PXE boot using Proxy DHCP:


    That error almost always indicates a physical issue, bad cable/connection, sometime back I had issues like this with spanning tree not bringing the port up fast enough for the boot agent to detect the connection.

  • @ace256 is definitely correct. The machine isn't even getting an ip address, what ever the reason is for that, is the same reason you don't the request in the proxy dhcp server.

  • Thanks for the replies, you are correct, it was simply a bad patch cable. I knew CloneDeploy was incredibly easy, I couldn't imagine that I did anything wrong setting it up. I should have had the foresight to at least look up the PXE code. Thanks again