Windows 10 Deploy causes Dell 3060 to boot into hardware check

  • Just as the title says.

    I created an image in a Hyper-V VM, installed and configured everything the way I wanted it, sysprepped it and then uploaded it to CloneDeploy the client boot method. I then imaged another model, a Dell Optiplex 3050, just fine. The 3050 books perfectly to desktop and I was able to domain join it.

    However I just got a few Dell Optiplex 3060's and after imaging them, instead of booting to the OOBE for Windows 10, it boots into the Dell SupportAssist hardware scan and completes without issue. I've changed the boot settings back from Legacy to UEFI, but every time I reboot it, it goes right back to the hardware scan.

  • Is the vm legacy or EFI? The destination machine needs to match the original image. If you want to be able to restore the image to both legacy and efi, then you need to select the standard partition type in the image profile deploy options for that image.

  • I suppose that's where I'm confused. I added a legacy network adapter to the Hyper-V VM and PXE booted it to upload the image. I then changed the new PC, the Dell Optiplex 3060 to legacy boot options and booted it from the onboard network card. After it downloaded the image, I kept it set to legacy boot, but it keeps booting to the Dell SupportAssist to check hardware.

  • I believe I solved my own issue. When I created the Hyper-V VM, I seleted Gen1 which doesn't support UEFI/Secure boot. I'm recreated the VM and will upload the image. I'll comment on here if that's the solution.