how to upload a bigger image to smaller disk

  • Dear Support

    i have create a image on a laptop which a HDD 320 now i want to deploy same image to
    other laptop with an SSD of 180 GB i get error

    171705 MB is less Than the Minimum Required HD Size for this Image(244436 MB)
    /bin.lie_deploy: line 358: contine: only meaningful a ' for" , While' or " until ' loop

    ** Restoring MBR / GPT on /dev/sda ***

    see file i upload

    ![0_1556048762151_IMG_2833.HEIC](Uploading 100%)

  • In the image profile upload options, set shrink partitions, then upload the image.

  • I had this issue because I was blind and didn't properly read and thanks, this fixed it for me.