Multiple Nic Configuration

  • For my image server (using the Windows Client with built in DHCP client), I'm trying to configure PXE Booting to work with two NICs on different subnets for load balancing reasons. I've gone through all the walkthroughs/docs/posts I've been able to find but nothing has worked so far.

    I have the network cable supplying internet in the onboard ethernet port, and a two port network card that I'm attempting to connect to the network to do the actual imaging, allowing it to automatically choose which subnet to use depending on how much one is being used at the time. From what I've gathered in my research this should be possible, but I'm struggling to get results. I believe the way to handle this is using the clustered groups - which I have created for each subnet - but I think I'm missing some details that are needed in order for this to work.

    I'm not positive how I should be configuring the DHCP client, am I configuring the DHCP pool/ DHCP options with the IP that the onboard adapter is configured for? I'm at a point now where when I attempt to PXE boot into a system connected to one of the imaging ports the proxy client running in debug mode shows the DHCPDiscover request with the proper MAC address so it is detecting the system but won't progress past that point.

    Let me know if more details are needed, I'm not sure what needs to be provided to assess the issue.

  • I know odds are that I'm not getting this answered at this point but is there anyone that can tell me if this is even possible/if I'm on the right track? I'm just trying to do load balancing between two different subnets while getting my internet connection from a third. My main question that I'm trying to figure out is that am I supposed to be configuring TFTP & the DHCP client with the third subnet providing internet or one of the two that I'll be imaging on?