Multiple simultaneous unicast deploys

  • I have recently setup CloneDeploy and have it configured and working well. After a few days of testing 3-5 unicast at a time, I went all in and started up 30 to see how it affected performance. The issue I am encountering, after about 17 computers get started deploying, no more will connect. Every computer after those 17 timeout on the tftp download of the winpe.wim.

    Is there a way to edit the tftp timeout? I have looked all through the settings and global options, and checked ever config file I can find on the server with no luck.

  • I have found a setting under the MakePE script that sets the Windows Boot Manager ftp timeout and changed that to 300 seconds. I rebuilt the PE and copied the files onto my server. I will test another computer lab and see if it is working now.

  • It sounds like your connection is getting completely saturated, why not use the multicasting, it fast and you should be able to do all of them at once?