Issues cloning from/to SSD OS

  • First time trying to clone an OEM install of Win 10 Pro from a laptop using an SSD

    It doesn't seem to be grabbing the image. It always comes back .12 or .17gb and during the process it never gets to dev/sda3 which is usually the partition that the OS is grabbed from

    Any ideas as to what needs to be done different? I've been cloning desktops and laptops with HDD just fine up to this point

    Logs can be provided if needed

  • For me the same error. Dell Optiplex 3060, SSD (nvme), UEFI-Boot working fine, but partition 3 with the working windows 10 could not be captured. There are warnings ("Creating Image Schemas"): "failed to translate partition name". The others partitions seems to get captured.

  • Did any of you resolve your issue? We ran into the exact same issue with our Dell Optiplex 3060 with OS on SSD.

    Some additional information. If we try to image the PC without first booting up and go through the initial Windows setup, we could clone the PC just fine. However, restoring the image to another PC causes the Auto Repair during boot up. If we boot up and go through the initial Windows setup, then we run into the issue where partition 3 is not captured.

  • @kevint8 Were you able to resolve the issue? I am also experiencing this when trying to upload an image of a Dell Optiplex 3060

  • Can you post the upload and deploy logs

  • @clonedeploy_admin I figured it out. The WinRe volume was the problem child. I unmounted the partition and removed the volume label and I was able to upload successfully. Thanks for the quick response.