Multicast Hangs "Starting to restore image (-) to device"

  • I have recently upgraded to CloneDeploy 1.4.0, and before was able to multicast without any issues. I can unicast perfectly fine right now, but whenever creating an on-demand multicast session, all computers freeze/hang on the following message:

    Starting to restore image (-) to device

    The Windows firewall has been turned off on the server, and the server only has 1 NIC. I have added all of the following to the Sender Arguments (Server): line under Multicast, in various different combinations, but continue to experience the same issue:

    --interface [server ip]
    --mcast-rdv-address [server ip]
    --blocksize 700
    --max-bitrate 100m

    We can currently multicast without issues using an older Ghost imaging system, so the issue does not appear to be with the network. Any help working through this issue would be greatly appreciated!!