Problem getting pxe boot to work

  • Hello CloneDeploy Family,
    I posted this in support and get little traction. I hope this room yield better result.

    This is my first time with clonedeploy and also new to the pxe or clone/imaging stuffs. I try to get a deployment system up to do two things

    1. Get PXE boot to work so I can install an OS (most likely Linux) on to a client. The OS on this client is to be changed and used as the base image for clone/image step (next one)
    2. Using the clone of the base image, and deploy to a few computers.

    So far I have done:
    a. Create a VM with ubuntu 18, everything will be on this vm (dhcp server, tftp, http), I also want to use a remote location for the ISO to install in step 1 above.
    b. Setup isc-dhcp-server and configured with normal dhcp ranges, routers, domain as normal dhcp server would have (this is working, ip is assigned), plus two additional parameters:
    option tftp-server-name "";
    option bootfile-name "/pxeboot.0";
    c. Install clonedeploy 1.4 (latest) using
    d. I created the distribution point to point to a shared folder that contains the OS ISO (I don't think it get to this point yet)
    e. In the PXE config I use proxy dhcp, pxelinux, pxelinux, ipxe_efi, ipxe_efi
    f. In the Boot Menu, I use the default menu with default values.
    g. Client machine is set to Legacy BIOS Boot Mode.

    Currently the IP is assigned to the client machine and I get the error message "PXE-E79: NBP is too big to fit in free base memory" on the client screen
    On the server syslog, I get the message "Jul 16 06:20:02 apddeploy in.tftpd[5502]: tftp: client does not accept options".
    I think the pieces I missed is setting up the correct boot menu and pxe configuration but I don't know how to go about.
    Any suggestion is welcome.




    I got a little further by changing the boot mode to UEFI, which brought me to the boot menu where I select the second option (CloneDeploy). Now I am stuck on the screen that ask for Username/Password:

    "This Computer Is Not Registered. No Active Web Tasks Were Found For This Computer. Start Registration.
    IP Address:
    ** You Must Be Logged In To Continute **"

    Is this the credentials set in the boot menu (I didn't set one)? or The credentials set in distribution point ?