Hang on "ipxe is initializing devices" during UEFI boot.

  • Dell 9010 with the newest A30 BIOS, when booting the system in UEFI mode it hangs at the "ipxe is initializing devices", we have other devices that have no issue whatsoever. I've searched around and apparently it's an issue with the Dell driver not releasing control to iPXE, and I'm not totally sure if it has been fixed in newer builds of iPXE as my knowledge of this process is limited.

    I'm going to try the USB boot method, but that is going to be super inconvenient for the multitudes of the computers we need to image, so hopefully there is an answer/solution out there.

  • Just confirmed UEFI boot from the ISO/USB generator works fine, so I must be having the same issue as others with Dell and iPXE ☹ 😧