Post Deployment Script - Install Programs

  • Can anyone show me a script they are using to install software using a post deployment script? I am not sure which code language is being used to create the script. Does anyone install .exe files or do I have to use .msi?

    Other than this, CloneDeploy is awesome and pretty easy to get going!

  • Here is the script I use to create the setupcomplete.cmd, sysprep runs the script automatically at the end.

    #Mount Windows partition
    mkdir /mnt/win
    ntfs-3g ${hard_drive}${partition_prefix}4 /mnt/win
    #Create setupcomplete.cmd
    mkdir /mnt/win/Windows/Setup/Scripts
    if [ ! -d /mnt/win/Windows/Setup/Scripts ]; then
      #Previous command failed try again on partition 2 for legacy systems
      umount /mnt/win
      ntfs-3g ${hard_drive}${partition_prefix}2 /mnt/win
      mkdir /mnt/win/Windows/Setup/Scripts
    echo "
    powercfg.exe /h off
    del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep_win10.xml
    del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml
    c:\\sophos\\SophosSetup.exe --quiet
    " > /mnt/win/Windows/Setup/Scripts/SetupComplete.cmd

    You can modify the contents of the echo part at the end to generate the setupcomplete.cmd file. You can silently install software at this point. You can see I am installing sophos silently. Your install file will obviously need copied to a location first