Well... It's Back.

  • This is the best news I head all year!

    Thank you for continuing to develop such a great product!

  • I also think you brought it back on my birthday. Super awesome!

  • @clonedeploy_admin said in Well... It's Back.:

    Yea, I don't blame them. I suspect that most people won't come back.

    I think your confidence regarding Clonedeploy lacks 😉

    As we've had some projects requiring imaging in the mean time, I've switched to FOG, which is quite nice. Still there are features in Clonedeploy which I missed (e.g. multihoming).
    On the other hand FOG supports hostname changing and domain join via their agent.
    Still Clonedeploy gave me the best overall experience (we deployed ~80 computers via Clonedeploy in a school last summer, which worked flawlessly).

    I'm happy CD is back and I hope it will stay.

  • very good news !!! thanks a lot !

  • @clonedeploy_admin

    I just discovered CD so I never knew you left, but glad you're back. This tool is Awesome!

  • Thank you so much for coming back! How can I help contribute to help keep this project alive?

  • Thanks a lot & welcome back! Your roadmap sounds great!

  • Thank you very much! Just as I was preparing to update to 1.4 web site was gone, and I didn't download the documentation about update... 🙂
    Can't wait for signed bootloader, why is it taking so long?

  • @itisljar said in Well... It's Back.:

    Thank you very much! Just as I was preparing to update to 1.4 web site was gone, and I didn't download the documentation about update... 🙂
    Can't wait for signed bootloader, why is it taking so long?

    If you check the recent "issues" here, you can see that even the "big players" have the problem to wait much too long:

    "This request is open for eight (!) months already. "
    "But this process is completely dysfunctional. It doesn't make any sense to review security-critical components for over eight months."

  • Yes, it's very discouraging. I think I've accepted the fact that it's probably never going to happen, but who knows. I've sent many emails to Microsoft pleading my case, but they will not sign it until the review board accepts it first.

  • @clonedeploy_admin
    At least "some" have been done in the meantime, so maybe one day it will just be done ^^
    And great to see that you continue with the development!

    Am I right, that everything will be moved into TOEM and not continued as own separated product any longer?
    Just found the commits from this year.

  • Yes. CloneDeploy is going away. It's functionality has been moved to Theopenem which I hope to release in the next week or two. I have a lot of documentation to update first.

  • But don't worry, this is a good thing. I'm heavily invested in the success of Theopenem. CloneDeploy would always be an afterthought. Now I will be able to spend less time trying to maintain two separate products. The major drawback currently is that Theopenem cannot be installed on Linux, something I hope to change someday.

  • Everything that keeps it alive sound great 😉
    I love that it is open and csharp, so at least I "could" have a look and work on things on my own if I would have the time.

    At the moment the only thing "I" felt about Theopenem is that I found it not "intuitive" to use or navigate.

    A lot of clicks and subviews, and I had to "identify" that there was some more menu options opening after clicking on a category. (The second column)
    Maybe it's only me.
    The learning curve was high the last time when I installed a test environment, was the first version I think. I just clicked through the online demo again today.
    Of course, if someone uses it every day, one knows where to click.
    Maybe some "moving" slideout submenus would be more visually showing what is changing on the screen, just thinking.
    (similar to these: https://youtu.be/O3dxOM095F8?t=352)

    And maybe some "Workflow Wizards" with Step by step guiding through needed steps like:
    "Rollout new Software Package Wizard" --- first add new software, define policy from those infos , create new or use existing group, assing to group .. or whatever is the workflow.

    I must say I have not really used it so maybe it makes no sense at all, it was just because you were available right now. For serious feedback I would need to install it and use it again.
    But I am always willing to try new stuff and give feedback.

  • Noted. Thanks.