CloneDeploy Server

  • Hello, early planning stages on settings up CloneDeploy on Windows 2019 Server and wanted to know if the server static ip address can be changed and if so what steps are necessary. Reason: Loading up the server in our office and will be sent to another location with different vlan. Advise will be appreciated!

  • No problem. You just need to change the server ip in the web ui settings page. Depending on what features you are using there could be other settings, but that's probably unlikely

  • Thank you very much for the input. This is for school district and want to test CloneDeploy on Windows 2019 server for classrooms on our production network and utilize our school district's Dhcp to issue out ip addresses. So if I'm going to utilize our production network dhcp for ip addresses what should I not select during CloneDeploy setup on the CloneDeploy Windows 2019 Server? Would like to pxe boot to network from desktops so that our techs do not have to utilize usb media. Thank you in advance!

  • Just follow the install guide. CloneDeploy does not activate a DHCP server during install. The install guide assumes you will be using your own dhcp server.